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Hebei Tianma Factory was established in 1996 and is located in Baoding, Hebei Province, specializing in the production and research and development of interlinings. There are offices in Dalian, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changshu, Ningbo, Wuhan and other places. In 2008, it invested in a second factory in Bangladesh, specializing in the production and sales of interlinings.


At present, the clothing brands that have cooperated with us for more than five years include Men's Youngor, Shanshan, Romon, and Pan American. Women's clothing brands include Brother, Meiermei, and H&M. Garment processing enterprises include Hangzhou Hempel, Mingcheng, Beijing Victor and so on. The company's 2011 interlining sales amounted to 300 million yuan, domestic sales accounted for 65%, and exports accounted for 35%. The interlining is of high quality and stable, and has always maintained a stable cooperative relationship with customers. In addition, it has maintained a good cooperation with the German interlining brand Hans.


We can do the interlining matching test according to the cloth samples provided by your company, and recommend suitable interlinings. In addition, a professional team can ensure that order tracking is in place in a timely manner, and professional technicians can provide you with pre-sale and after-sale technical services.


In order to establish a deeper understanding, you are welcome to send someone to visit our factory!




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Factory Address: No. 1 West, Beizhu Industrial Zone, Xiaodian Town, Boye County, Hebei Province

Ministry of Internal Trade: 010-67897338

Ministry of Foreign Trade: 010-67897338

Fax: 010-67897338

Company Email: tianma@tianmainterlining.com

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